Happy birthday Roderick!

Long ago, in the firmament…

Long ago, in the firmament…

It was June 28th some years ago,

A special day it was.

A pen was to be born,

Maybe a keyboard,

But the firmament thought otherwise —

“Let us make them in our image and likeness,” they said.

So they got personified.

And the firmament breathed on him,

And sent him down to live, to write, to impact, and to do many things which are yet to be revealed.
In Comes Roderick…

Today we celebrate you,

We celebrate your works,

You who have come with the ink and breath of the almighty.

You whose works we look forward to reading,

Don’t you just see that you write with an obvious difference? A unique touch of the metaphysical.

Happy birthday, Roderick.

You are blessed beyond measure.

I would have asked that your ink never dries,

But because your ink is your blood, and your heart pumps it unavoidably,

I would instead ask that your ink be used to the glory of the firmament who has sent you.

We love you Roderick,

And we wish you many more years of advancement.


By Akinsiwaju

Happy birthday to one of my closest friends. Your writing is a reflection of your kind and tender heart. You are beyond your timid self and you are beyond your limitations.

I’ve known you since sixth form and it was a blessing to be greeter by your humble and kind self. Your humility drew me to you as a friend and I think you tolerates me more than most people.

I’m happy to be celebrating you on your birthday.

We love you Roderick. Thank you for being the light to the team

Love, Diana

Today is a special day
I’ve got a lot to say
But to that, I’ll say ‘NAY’
I’ll rather pray
That you’ll see the best
As you experience rest
You’ll live life to the fullest
And your star be the brightest
You’ll reign as a King
In all you are doing
From anything
To everything
O, before I go
I just want you to know
That you can never be low
And never below


By Chukwudi Issac

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