Growing up was fun
When all we did was rhyme
Play, play, and sing songs
Not minding time pass by
While we watched our planes
Fly high high up the sky
Or our kites being flown
Kissing the sun in sight
The ground our canvas
Where beauty was expressed
Our pretty drawings
Imprinted from great minds
With nature’s stencil
And whatever we could find

Great masterpieces
From little hands on sand
Who could believe this?
That from little comes grand
Play under the rain
Or water from God’s tap
Watching everything
Trying to know and grasp
What everything was
A longing none could fill
But daily prayers
Made us to know and feel
The reason for life
Passing by each tick tock
Ah! Then came the time
In a split second
What had happened?
O well, it was bound
But I do miss the days
When I was growing
Now I recount memoirs
Years of my grooming
Now on memory’s archive
I sure miss those days
So I dwell in nostalgia
When I need solace
And past days, I’ll remember…

© Chukwudi Isaac

Twitter : Chukwudi Issac

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