Family Ties — Chapter 5

A Plan

Weeks passed, and no one got to speak with Maxwell nor knew where he was. Extended family members visited, the police was informed, and prayers were said. He sent an email or two to a few people, and reassured them that he was fine. But he never disclosed his whereabouts, nor the reason he left the house. Busola remained quiet about her ordeals with Maxwell, and was silently glad he was away. When family prayers were held for him, she silently prayed that he would never return.

It was a week to the end of that year`s UTME registration, and Biola remained adamant that the children would study Law. Adedoyin too was adamant on his decision. Busola sounded indifferent. They still had the money. Ngozi was trying to mediate between Biola and Adedoyin, but neither budged on their decision.

“Adedoyin, it’s a week to the end of the UTME regi…” “Just what I was thinking,” Adedoyin interrupted Busola. “But I can’t spend five years of my life pleasing Daddy, I can’t…”

“Adedoyin, I have a plan,” Busola cut in. She moved closer to him, as if she didn’t want anyone to hear what she was about to say, even though they were the only people in the house.

“We will make Daddy and Mummy believe we’ve agreed to study Law, and we’ll go ahead to register what we want.”

“What if they check our registration slip?”

“You know they rarely ever check such things, Adedoyin.”

“What if we get the admission?”

“That’s the whole idea! We will, and we’ll keep hiding the truth until the point that they can’t do anything about it if they know.”

“Hmm! Busola, will this work?”

“Let’s try first. Don’t you think it’s better than this lost battle we’re fighting?”

“Alright. Let’s try,” Adedoyin said, not sounding convinced.

That evening, when both parents arrived, Busola told them that she and her brother had something to say. She led the meeting. Busola apologized for their rebellion all the while, and said they were willing to study Law. At the end of her apology, they both knelt down so dramatically and looked somber. Adedoyin didn’t say anything, however, his facial expression and gestures were enough to make anyone believe that he was sincerely sorry.

Biola looked elated. He spoke for over two hours that night, telling them of how he wanted the best for them, and how his decision was from a more experienced angle. He also told them to be grateful they had a father who could guide them. He then promised to buy them smartphones if they met the cutoff for Law in their preferred institutions. The children acted excited, and Biola hugged them — an act he hadn’t done in years. Ngozi fell asleep while Biola gave his long speech, however, she woke up as the children were about to leave, and expressed her happiness. Busola and Adedoyin went to bed in silence, each considering the dangers of their planned escapade.

Check this space next Sunday, August 18th, for the next chapter.

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