My father – my protector


Despite your own challenges, you put me first…

You see beyond your struggles and jump through hops and obstacles just to make sure I am safe.

You don’t trust the protection of another man apart from God.

You build your trust in them over time – it’s never a hundred percent as, you are reminded that, at the end of the day, we are human.


Your sacrifice for my needs are immeasurable.

The sleepless nights,

The fears you had to fight

Just to be the Head that you are.

The saddest thing is, you think that I don’t see them.

You don’t understand that, I may not express my love to you like others

That’s because, I see a deeper value in you.

You are more than a protector.

You are a man who I am so proud to call. My father.

But, I guess I need to appreciate you more…

Thank you for being a great father.

I love you

Love Diana,


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