Gratitude diary – perspectives

I’m grateful for different perspectives.

Looking out for other’s perspective

Living in a specific culture, with similar types of people can reflect in how you see others and how you deal with situations. It takes a lot of effort to fight against that and to be open minded. Sometimes, this is easy for those who have moved around a lot , who had to adapt to change whether they liked it or not.

Fortunately for me, I was one of those people who moved through life learning and admiring different cultures and mindsets. Even with that, I was still narrow minded when it came to certain things because of religion or even culture. Recognising it is one thing, but the change is another – one that needs a lot of effort and perseverance.

It takes a humble and open mind to learn from others.

Everyone has something new to teach you. Everyone knows something you don’t know and all it takes is for you to listen. Not listen for you to speak or write over their story, no. Just listen.

The best gift you can give is your time and most of the time, that’s what people are after. 

But back to my point, I am grateful for the perspectives and personalities I’ve met and how they’ve shaped the woman I am today. It’s when you listen to others you realise how narrow/close minded one can be.
However, the goal isn’t about changing your viewpoint, it’s about respecting it and cultivating the golden nuggets from it.

We are all gatekeepers and it’s up to us to lift others or tear them down. Everyone wants to be respected and accepted. For this to happen we need to swallow our ego and understand that their life experience isn’t the same as our own and that’s okay.

Love Diana,


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