Gratitude diary – family

Family goes beyond, parents and siblings. Friends can become part of your family.

Over the past year I’ve seen friendship fade away and others draw nearer. I’ve seen situations expose people’s intentions towards me and others emphasis their selflessness.

Family. That overly familiar group of people that understand you and allow you to be your authentic self.

They open their arms to your strength, weaknesses and everything in between.

I’m grateful for those I call my family and those who have adopted me into their own. I’m also grateful to those who were seasonal and blessed me more than I could have imagined.

One thing I’m learning to do is, to appreciate those around me more. I’m trying to see them as human as possible – with their flaws, with everything.

Through this lense, I’m able to relate to them and to appreciate them for their efforts and care.

Is there anyone you need to appreciate today? Have you taken anyone for granted recently?

I challenge you to tell them how you feel and remind them of how they’ve touched your life. Make this a regular thing. We all need to feel loved.

Love Diana,


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