Simple Friendship

I remember a time where, making friends was so easy. There weren’t any forms, or requirements. I didn’t need to know about your history or class. All, I cared about is the game we were playing.

Children forgive easily. They don’t judge.

They don’t hold much against others. Their innocence is genuine.

The bible states that, we should be like little children. The ones who believe when their father says x or y and the ones that embrace the now.

I remember a time like that and to be honest, I miss it.

Stress was napping when I didn’t want to or, learning maths. And building friendships was so easy. Pride was unknown then.

I wonder where all of that went… We now size ourselves up with others and look down upon them. We prefer to find value in material things when, as a child a ball, bike or even a doll was more than enough.

Love Diana,


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