A Nostalgic Adventure (Part Two)

Part One: http://dianakolawole.design/2019/11/22/a-nostalgic-adventure-part-one 

Chapter Two: A Coin For Two

Each day we are gifted for much more than what we can handle, every moment brings us a chance to show what we can do, we all hold onto treasure but what good is having such a blessing if no one gets the chance to see it.

Never withhold your treasure from someone who’s in need of it, that moment may be the last time you get the chance to share it, give your world the privilege to experience the gift that was given to you, the gift you’ve honed for many years.

Island Ahoy!

~ Narrowback Avenue ~

As I lay in this bed alone, my mind cannot let go of how big this adventure will be for me; calculating what my next move will be in order for me to get started. I continue to imagine an island that is so vast yet hiding such a small treasure, I couldn’t sit still knowing that a treasure so great is still on that island.

I’ve travelled door to door attempting to convince friends and family to go along with me but all I got were closed hearts and harsh words towards my dream.

My father saw the distress that was written all over my face but also the great leaps I took for treasure that I had no proof to verify its existence than a mark on a map, and so he chose to be my partner in seeing this venture through till the end.

With a single call, we were set to head far and wide across the sea, our next destination – Sunset Drive.


The Wandering Pirate

It’s been several days now since we left the port, and we are soon running out of supplies but despite the many troubles we’ve encountered the beauty and vastness of the sea remains to keep me in awe.


However, hearing the constant complaints from the captain of the ship regarding whether Sunset Drive is an island that exists or not drove me to insanity not to mention she regarded it to be only a myth, a fairy tale conjured up by a bunch of drunk pirates that have died centuries ago.

Nevertheless, I did not turn face towards this expedition and kept my hopes up and eagerly waiting for the moment that I get to claim the treasure that I’ve longed searched for.

Surely enough the island was in our sight, proving that the captain was dreadfully wrong though before we could gloat, words written in seaweed across the ocean spelling out what seemed to be the final message of the pirates that were here long ago, forewarning us of what is to come.

“Take heart and keep thy treasure close, happiness is better than gold.”

Once we docked on the island it wasn’t too long till we were ambushed by the pirates that live here, they kept rambling on and on about us taking their home and taking their treasuries for ourselves, we tried countless times to prove ourselves that we want none of what they were saying but they weren’t hearing any of it.

Day One Pals 

A young spunky and somewhat bittersweet girl wearing a mask came out of nowhere claiming to be the leader of these so-called pirates, then went ahead to poke her nose in all of our supplies but took a liking to me.

Eventually, after digging her nose into our business she put out her hand and introduced herself as Pyro and offered to take me on a tour of the island of which I accepted but remained cautious of her.

However, as we were mid-way into the tour the two of us became great friends, I saw for myself the sweet side of her character but that could be due to her age, but it did surprise me how her crew honour her so greatly despite her age.

At random, Pyro questioned me about how it was like meeting my first ever friend, to that I casually answered “I don’t remember” almost immediately Pyro chuckled to herself and said “Everyone needs a crazy friend to help find the treasure you’ve been searching for all your life. After all they always know where to look”.

She then pointed towards a wrecked ship insinuating that the treasure could be there, but before we could go in and explore another pirate ship docked close by, but Pyro paid no mind to it and dragged me along with her inside the wrecked ship.


Madness At Sunset Drive 

After seeing that the wrecked ship only contained trinkets  from the pirates that once sailed it, we left and decided to head elsewhere for our search.

As we were coming to a close with our hunt for the treasure, we noticed a piece of clothing from my father’s jumper, worried we rushed towards camp and noticed Pyro’s crew completely exhausted from a long drawn out battle, one of them finally caught their breath and said that bandits took my father and demanded that we give up the treasure buried on this island.

Happiness is truly greater than gold.

This concludes part two of A Nostalgic Adventure.

© Roderick Lukenge


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