Welcome to Dewdrop December

We are finally in December! Wow a whole year has passed by… We have had new writers , new contents and most importantly, more readers.

we now have a instagram and a facebook page, feel free to follows us

We want to take this opportunity to say Thank you.

Your support means so much to us. Our aim is always to connect with people from across the world and bring hope to someone’s day.

Just like any blog, there are writers and topics you may prefer and possibly something you want us to do more.

Please, leave us a comment and tell us how we can improve. Or even best, email us at dianakolawole.design@gmail.com

Roderick wrapped up a touching short story series called Broken Soul. While Chukwudi spoke about his Fragile Heart in a short poem. While I (Diana) spoke about Rainy days in a short retrospective piece.

As the season of Christmas draws near, we will be on a break between the 14th of December to the 4th of January. But, watchout as we might have a few surprises during Christmas.

You can always keep up with us in instagram and facebook

From the DIANAKOLAWOLE.DESIGN team , we want to welcome you into the month of December. We pray that all the remaining blessings of the year will locate you in Jesus name.

Love, Diana

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