A lone island

In a culture that magnifies cutting off people and not giving others a chance, it has birthed a lot of lonely and prideful people.

We believe that our say is important and our criteria for others is bible but, don’t we change everyday? I’m sure what you liked 5 years ago isn’t the same today. Instead of being on our high horse, we should learn to give others a break.

We are imperfect and we mess up a lot. And guess what? Everyone does that. But, if we are able to see others for what we are , we will be able to show more compassion and tolerance.

I’m not an expert in this… i’m still a learner. I’ve made mistakes of cutting off people but, it hasn’t helped me. (Don’t get me wrong, if they are toxic and they only want to bring you down, I don’t advice you keep them around you). I have lost a lot of friendships due to my ego and pride and it sucks. I might have been right in that moment but, it doesn’t measure loosing great friendships.

We are not an island. We need others around us. Closing ourselves up wont solve anything

It’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t make one weak. It actually makes us real because no one knows everything. Another person’s knowledge should be seen as extra gold dust.

During this season, look at those around you. Is anyone more closed off than usual? Do they need support?

Be that support and give your time to them.

Everyone has a battle they are facing. And like every battle , they can be terrifying. A little act of kindness goes a long way.

And if you are that person who is more reserved, reach out to others. Find that person you can pour out to and let them listen to you.

It’s a big step but, it’s one of the bravest ones you can take.

Love Diana,


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