God is love

My name is Chukwudi Isaac from Nigeria and I am so honoured to share with us today.

I am here to talk on God Is Love

God is love

I really hope that we will all learn together and God’s love will be shared abroad in everyone’s heart both here and beyond.

Firstly, what the word, LOVE has been bastardised by the world that it seems kinda blurry what love is and what it isn’t.

1 CORINTHIANS 13 is God’s template for love and John 3:16, we can see how God soooooooo loved us.

Understanding God’s love is paramount in everything we do.

Firstly, it will show in how we see and value ourselves. Knowing God loves us will actually make us see ourselves through God’s eyes and that is the most important view on earth.

God’s love isn’t just felt, it’s breathed, seen, touched, almost palpable as any tangible thing.

Secondly understanding God is love is going to make us see others through God’s eyes even though they offend us or they aren’t deserving of love. Understanding God is love will make love flow through us

Understanding God is love is also needed in our dealings with work, relationships, friendships, careers, etc…

From everything that is going on in our world right now, what we are all crying out subconsciously is I NEED LOVE

sometimes it is expressed through anger, a smile, a hug, a complaint; just about different channels

God is love

But beyond it all, can the ‘human love’ actually solve all our complaints? The answer is NO… It can provide a make-belief solution for a bit and then we are back to the vicious cycle but God’s love is not like that

It is what can turn a murderer to an evangelist; a crazy person to a calm and loving person.

Understanding God is love will make us have a God view of the world and how it ought to be…

But it first starts with us

Understanding the Reckless Love of Christ

And how it was shed for you and I on the cross.
Knowing that God can go any length for us to turn to him.

Knowing that He loves us beyond words can say.

Knowing that nothing you and I have done can keep us far from Him

Knowing that He seeks out each day to get closer to us

These and many more just shows us how much God loves us

And how He is the true expression of love

God is love is the message the world needs as it is

But it can’t hear it if we don’t first understand how much God loves us

But in all these things… When we understand God’s love and we understand that love that can be shed abroad in our hearts, then that love will keep us from iniquity and will constrain us… It’s that love that will make us not to take advantage of others and all

It’s that love that will make us not to go back to our crazy ways of living

It’s that love that will make us sold out

Sold out to Christ…

As we wake up every day, affirm God’s love towards you

Understand He made all these for you and wants you to experience His everlasting love

God’s got us all… His love is holding us all


Dear God,

We come to You today and we thank You for making us understand that You love us and You are love and You are continually showing us how much You love us. Help us to understand Your love and make us to see ourselves and the world through Your eyes and love them that way. Help us to love You more and more as You keep on loving us.

In Jesus Name


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