A Nostalgic Adventure (Finale)

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Final Chapter: Room for One More

Treasure is hard to find yet easily stolen, keep it close to your heart and never let it go that’s one of the many lessons I’ve learnt in life, a lesson I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Life has many moments, some being great and others being sour, but each moment was predestined in hopes to bring you closer to the treasure that waits for you at the end.

A Storm is Brewing 

Using her great sense of smell, Pyro analysed the area relatively quickly and managed to find a scent leading us straight to the enemy’s whereabouts, though I wasn’t too sure I could trust her with guiding us there.

We searched about and eventually this rescue mission led us back to our ship meaning that the bandits had taken my father to another island that was fairly close by, Pyro suggested that they may have taken him South West to Deadlight Island.

I was on the brink of tears thinking of the many things they could be doing to him with no way of escaping their grasp, but it was at this moment that Pyro held my hand reassuring me that he’ll be okay, giving me the strength, I needed to go forward.

It took us approximately 3 hours to get to Deadlight Island, a somewhat ghostly area surrounded by toxic water. Before we could get the chance to get closer to it a few bandits sailed towards us opening fire as they slowly came closer to our location.


We were in an all-out battle, a fight that put our lives on the line, thankfully we boarded Pyro’s ship for this mission thus while we were under attack, Pyro quickly geared us up to launch our counterattack.

Though the battle was short, it felt like hours passed by…

A Sad Pirate’s Tale 

We lost almost half of our men causing everyone remaining to freeze up in fear, Pyro felt the most weight of the situation but surprisingly it didn’t slow her down, or so we thought.


As for me I felt responsible for the whole ordeal and so once we got to the island, I sternly told the rest of the crew including Pyro to stay behind while I go on ahead, however that wasn’t going to cut it for Pyro as she insisted to come along till the very end despite the many times, I stop her.

This bond we shared was truly special.

The connection I have with Pyro somewhat reminds me of my grandmother, the memories I shared with her before she passed away, I recall the times she would tell me pirate stories and the ventures she went on when granddad was around, which always made me smile.

Lonely Wander 

As we got closer to the enemy’s camp, we spotted a few hostages with my father also being among them. Soon enough we made a way inside and rescued my father along with the hostages from their planned executions, however, just when the plan was going smoothly the bandits spotted us on our way out of their camp, leaving us to fight our way out.

With only the three of us remaining we made it back to the boat and sailed to Sunset Drive Island, leaving Pyro to be the last one standing of her crew.

As we were restocking our ship Pyro handed over a piece of treasure, she stole from the enemy’s camp, but I could see the despair in her eyes after losing all her men in this whole ordeal, yet she kept it all together as though it didn’t happen.


Before setting sail, I felt the weight of pain that Pyro was going through knowing that she’s now alone on a desolate island, therefore I offered a place for Pyro to go back with me to Narrowback Avenue keeping the bond we have made alive.

She accepted wholeheartedly, putting a smile on both of our faces.

A New Expedition 

I believe we meet people for a reason, either it’s to grow and become a better version of you or to carry each other along a path that is too bumpy to walk alone. A new journey awaits us that will take our friendship to a whole new level, bearing treasure on the other side.


This concludes An Nostalgic Adventure

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Image by Noupload from Pixabay

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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