Am I calm because I have no reason to shout?
What if the I have the reason to shout?
Will I consider another person’s emotions?
Or will I just blurt it all out?

Am I loving because I am being loved?
What if the people I love hate me?
Will I still love them?
Or is my love conditional?

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Am I listening because I am learning?
What if there is nothing to learn?
Will I still listen to a weary soul?
Or will I just go on my own way?

Am I your friend because I want to be?
Or is there something to gain from you?
What if you have nothing to offer me?
Will I still be a good friend?

Do I believe in Jesus because I was born a Christian?
Or because He is the Way, the Truth and Life?
What if I was on a lost and lonely path?
Will I still find my way to Him

If I was a lost and lonely path,
I am sure I will not know my way to Him
But I am very certain that He would have found me
And answered all the questions bothering my fragile heart…

(C) Chukwudi Isaac

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