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We all have behaviours and attitudes we don’t like. Some of us, it’s pride others it’s anger, while for some it’s what we’ve labelled “coping mechanism”

In a society where it’s extremely selfish and excuses are thrown left, right and centre. Maybe we should actually deal with our own demons except of forcing others to tolerate us.

No one is perfect. But, if we can’t see our own flaws then, we are not only imperfect but also extremely blind.

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Self reflection is important and it’s something that’s helped me so much and thanks to the Holy Spirit, I have been able to see how some of my actions weren’t good and could have been hurtful. Asides that, it has helped me to be more accountable to my actions.

Listen, having good morals doesn’t make you a good person. It just says that you know right from wrong. But most things are blurred because as much as we don’t like to admit, most of our “good reasons” are pretty selfish and stem from wanting to please ourselves so we get a “good feeling”. That could be all well and good but, being selfless is an entire book on its own. And having “good morals” doesn’t mean you can be selfless.

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Have a good look at yourself and ask yourself “am I taking full responsibility for my actions? Do I see how my actions affect others or am I just narrow minded?” If you feel triggered then, that’s good. It means there is so much room for development and growth.

You decide on how you act and you can decide to not cover your actions with excuses.

Love Diana,


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