En route

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En route – steady and sometimes slow. Moving through the fluffy things at the top and going down to the root of the matter. My previous posts talked about healing the pains we can not see. You can read it here:

The journey to healing can be a scary one for many reason, the obvious one is, you have to be patient and not rush the process.Like a plaster over a deep wound – it doesn’t fix the problem, just decorates it. (And ugly one it is too).

If there’s anything I’ve learnt about past hurts and pain is that, you need to be honest to yourself and to God about where the hurt is coming from. You need to stop comparing your progress with others and lastly – Be kind to yourself

I can count the times when I deceived myself into thinking I was well when I wasn’t or, being too prideful to admit that I am even part of the problem. And most of the time, it required for me to slow down and be still with God.

I pray this songs blesses you as you listen

Benjamin Dube – Bow Down and Worship Him

The journey takes time and at times, the first step is to be still, humble yourself and surrender everything to God (the director).

Love Diana,


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