As I walked by
On my way
In the evening
Setting sun
I saw them both
Sitted down
By the sidewalk
The old man
Holding a stick
With a turban
Round his head
And the girl
Tending to him
He was blind
She didn’t mind
Or maybe
But who will know
I looked back
I saw a smile
Beamed by him
And her also
I then wondered
Did he catch
A glimpse of sight
Or was it
A tale she told
That drew it
I mean the smiles
They both shared
As I turned back
One look back
They seemed happy
Not minding
The passing crowd
Or the sun
Beaming her rays
Where they sat

They talked and smiled
Smiled and talked
Stick still in hand
The little girl
Tending to him
Maybe, sometimes
We just need
To take a stop
To look back
Maybe we’ll see
Tears and joys
A father and son
The street hawker
To quench thirst
The long, long queue
In the bank
Or we may see
The beauty
That nature brings
Sun, flowers
Cool breeze, water
Or we may
Just see people
Like… Like… A
Blind man and girl

(c) Chukwudi I.

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