Ghost Letter (Chapter One)

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In the Seat of Ghouls

For many years, Ghouls and those of the living have a deep hatred for one another in Uphill Village. From the way I’ve phrased it, you’ve probably assumed that the Ghouls are just cast off beings that are most likely non-living creatures roaming in the corridors of the planet, but that’s not so, well as far as my kind go anyway.

The Ghouls are anything but a terrifying collection of people, we actually are alive but unfortunately for us we live on in secret places throughout the world, ever since we were marked as being ‘different’ by those around us.

For us wearing a face mask is a norm and naturally, we would be given one a few years after we are born and painted them ourselves with our favourite colour in mind.

Those above us had no idea we were living below them and only went to the surface for resources, funny enough we almost sound like real ghouls.

However, life for us changed as we grew time slowly caught up to us, and so did the conflict between the Ghouls and those around us; eventually, it led to our race coming to a near end as only a few of us are about these days living in the alleyways and underground’s of cities.

As for myself, I chose to remain in Uphill Village under the name Alice Den, oddly enough none of the villagers around acknowledge my background or even remember the Ghouls that used to be around them day and night.

I suppose our story was about to be reopened, and the eyes that were once closed upon our exists were finally going to see who we really are.

Whether your a Ghoul or a Normie shouldn’t matter, labels or even a title mean nothing in the face of conflict and the continual need to separate the two sides, I only wish my fellow Ghouls saw it my way.

Maybe then we would all still be here…

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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