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when competition and survival is a must, it can be easy to feel intimidated by others and ashamed by where one is. Questions like: Why am I not moving forward? Why is it so hard? Why am I so confused? circle around our minds. And talking ourselves out of self-doubt and shame.

Everyone’s journey is different. Many we don’t know how they got where they are and what clicked for them.

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Intimidation comes in when we forget and undermine our values and skills. We look at others and envy them when, I am sure there are things they envy about you too.

My point is, intimidation is useless if all it does is make us bitter and salty. Let’s appreciate how God is using others and seek to be content on the road he has us on. It might be difficult for sometime but, it’s worth it.

Peace and Contentment are important. Don’t loose sleep over something that makes you bitter.

Love Diana,


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