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Many of us abide in the past
And in the future, get lost
Sometimes we forget there is a ‘here’
A ‘now’ that we live in here
So why go back and forth
And in the end, lose forte,
Of either battling the past
Or running to the future too fast?
In the here and now
We can grow in what we know;
In character and attitude
Like understanding gratitude,
In the here and now, there lies
The truth that indeed time flies;
Therefore be wise in spending time
As you live, while death tarries,
In the here and now
Enjoy your time with everyone;
With family and friends
With relatives and siblings;
Don’t go chasing fleeting things
And in the end, realize they are vanity,
When you lay on your dying bed
But a ‘goodbye’, no one is nigh to you to bid;
So make each second count
And spread love like a fount
It’s a new day; make the most use of it
Live simply and simple live… That’s it…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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