Mighty God

Photo by Clive Kim on Pexels.com

When you think of MIGHTY what comes to your mind?

Power? A King? Or something beyond that?

Mighty for me means, great in power and authority. One who is the best of the best. One who is in a class of its own.

But deep down, Mighty = God

I have seen the God of wonders work mightily in the lives of those around me and I just wonder and think how he does it all. Healing people after years of pain and sometimes, illnesses that Doctors can’t understand. I have seen God restore life and place the unqualified in qualified positions.

I have seen God take the humble and raise him so he can sit with Kings and Queens. While he brings down the Proud and all those that call themselves Gods.

Surely a man can’t create up to 1/4 of what God has created. Even now with technology, it’s taken thousands and million of years to even mimic God’s creation.

The funny thing is, word can not describe him. But, he shows his power to all of us… we just need to pay attention.

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