Ever wonder how we came to be?
Are we products of evolution?
Species of natural selection
Or a mirror of God’s beauty
Will we cease to exist after a season?
When stronger beings will evolve
And take over with great resolve
Or did God put us here for a reason
Questions that prey on our minds
But yet take a look around us
And you’ll see the answer as thus:
All creation is waiting for mankind
So you’re not an accident
A tiny speck of dust
An accident of a gust
It is because of you Christ was sent
The earth was made by Him
Not out of colliding bodies
Or big bang theories
So why think you’re random?
You’re a beauty that minds cannot fathom
Complexities, thoughts can’t process
Features, science cannot buttress
An amazing conundrum
Why feel sad and lonely?
While He numbers your head’s hairs
Just lay on His chest and in gentle whispers
Tell Him how you are feeling
No make up can make you
For you are unique in your way
He knew why He made you this way
So forget what Vogue tells you
Just know you’re in all
You’re the pride of His works
And He has given you the world

(c) Chukwudi I.

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