Staring at each other,
I wonder what’s in his mind
Pain, fear, joy, glee
He remained expressionless,
As if oblivious to emotions
But when I smiled,
He beamed a smile
And when I frowned,
It seemed it made him frown too
Beyond that,
I wanted to know what got to him,
Since his attention was fixed on me
Over time, I noticed something
It seemed he was fixed on me
And did all I did
Almost as if, he was reading my mind
But what was in me
That made this person copy me?
Was it the way I looked?
The way I smiled or talked?
‘Maybe I need to be me more’,
I thought to myself,
The man facing me,
Seemed to want to be more like me
Than how I wanted to be more like me
So I told myself,
That I will be myself,
For therein lies my uniqueness
It seemed the man staring at me,
Alluded to this fact.
Till I see him again,
I will be more like me,
Thanks to the man in the mirror…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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