Learn. Unlearn

Photo by Philip Boakye on Pexels.com

A man is defined by what exactly? His strength, his restrain or his conduct? Lines keep getting blurred because, cultures and norms are different everywhere.

We like to put labels to restrict everyone but, who does that really benefit?

It’s shallow and sometimes pathetic to believe that we have been brainwashed to believe a false truth because the Media say so. But we are confused at those who are simply unapologetic about who they are.

Confidence is timeless and goes with every outfit. But, there’s a fine line between it and arrogance.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

I guess this post doesn’t have any direction but, I would really like us to challenge what it really means to be masculine and to stop projecting toxic expectations upon men. We have enough male suicide as it is in the world.

Let’s stop labelling men as trash just because of a few examples. People change and like everyone else, if you are not led well, you will go astray.

For myself, I want to be challenged on my definition of what a Man is and not assume I know. I am excited to learn more about this topic through my great team mates.

It may not be as easy as ABC but, challenging our biases is a step away narrow-mindedness.


Diana Kolawole


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