I can do it all by myself,
At least some respect will come
My wife will listen to me and do my bidding,
And my children will revere me.
I can handle it,
Don’t worry, I need not to tell anyone,
I need not cry out for help
Guess that’s what a man should do
No matter the pressure,
I am not to crack,
Never let a tear down,
Nor show any emotion
I won’t listen to you,
After all, man na man
Hence no need to learn,
Nor submit myself to authority.
I won’t mind taking you down,
In order to climb up,
Besides, life is like a rat race
I pray I don’t get trapped chasing cheese
Now life weighs heavy on my mind
Alas, my mind can hold it no longer,
My heart now gasps for what my mind can’t grasp
So I just hope I can go through this,
If not, I shall have everything
But at the same time, have nothing

(c) Chukwudi I.

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