I wonder what I’m doing here,
I wonder how I got here
I wonder when I got here
I wonder why I am here
I’m a long way from home
But all the same,
I seem to be enjoying this place,
The cheap thrills and vibes it brings
Seems to be second to none;
Could it be the danger it poses,
The thought I’d never get caught
That keeps me here?
I never knew I’d be here,
I always thought I will be wise to avoid it,
But it isn’t as bad as I thought,
At least I am not seen as cantankerous,
Or stubborn or just a random guy;
Here, I am respected and revered,
Without anyone focusing on my flaw
Or trying to fix me,
Now I fight to remember my way home,
Right or left, I know not
Sometimes, I get memories
Pleasant times of being with you,
But I am so proud to admit I miss you
Yes, we are both humans and imperfect,
But I have failed to remove the log in my eye
So I blame you for everything,
And take no part in my folly
And I hide my insecurities in my pride
How I have broken my vows
And untethered my affirmations for you
I regret it but I pretend
I wish for days gone by
But I pretend I don’t
I hope to find my way home,
But who will guide me?
Who will show me?
Who will lead me home?

(c) Chukwudi I.

#life #poetry #poem #may

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