I wonder about the melodies of heaven
How sweet a sound ’twill be
I wonder how the angels praise Him
And the elders, cast their crowns before Him

I wonder about the songs of the ancient,
Whose fragrance, time can’t still
The songs of Moses and David;
The songs of Miriam and Deborah.

I wonder about the song of Love
That makes merry the heart
The song that brought all men eternity,
Through the precious blood of Jesus

I wonder about the song of men
Singing adoration to God above
With psalms and hymns
Bringing His majesty here on earth

I wonder what song nature sings
When the oceans clap their hands
And the trees wave in thanksgiving
To the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth

I will sing to the Lord, my King
Whose reign stretches beyond the earth
From up high the heavens
To the belly of the earth…

(c) Chukwudi I.

#life #love #peace #poetry #music #nature #hope #musing #poem #God #religion #Christianity

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