No Music – No Party

Is this really true? Others would say no Jollof rice – no party (lol). Let’s talk about it.

Music plays an important role in our day to day life. And an even more important one in parties. It helps to fill up the awkward silences between guests and the long wait for the Bride to change. One thing we can all agree is, music is liberating.

My question is, if there was no music would it still be the same?

I really don’t think it would. But I wonder why. I believe Music helps break awkward silences and is a good basis for a good conversation. It helps to figure out a person’s taste simply from the kind of music they listen to. For others, it is a common ground to avoid small talk.

But how many of us, have been practising the same dance moves hoping we can throw it down in the next big occasion? (yup, me too ha)

Anyway, the next time you are in a occasion, try and notice the mood when there’s music and when there’s not.

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