Value in Life

Recently, I’ve been thinking over things that are happening around the world. Especially the wild fires that have been destroying many countries and cities.

I think to myself what it must be like watching all that you have been burned away by an incontrollable fire. The fear of starting all over again can consume one. While many have become displaced, empty and vulernable.

Not everything seems clear, especially when it comes to the future.

Photo by Laureen Raftopulos on

Those of us who are not experiencing this should really think hard about what we value and appreciate what we have even more. Is your stability and hope in material things or does it lie beyond this world? Only you know that.

I learnt that we have many different ‘anchors’ in life and most are as unstable as British Summer weather. But, the only true anchor is our Faith and for me, that is Jesus. And finding peace and hope in him helps me during the unpredictable events of life.

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