Blank paper

Hello God,

I magnify your name for you are the Great I AM. And in you, there is no lack and no sorrow. I thank you because I read in John 8:36:

John 8:36 English Standard Version (ESV)

36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

And I realised how much Jesus denied and denounce so that he could come as a man and a lamb that was slain for the world. This really humbled me, as he gave up his freedom and his life so that we may have hope in eternity and we may have life.

But, it saddens me how much we take it for granted and how fear, worries, and anxiety ties us back up again when Jesus has set us free.

Do we not understand the price he paid for us?

I also tend to forget and get deceived by the lies of the enemy without truly understanding who I am in God. Fear has crippled so many and it has left them feeling lifeless and even suicidal. When, really the enemy is under our feet but, we see the enemy even above you.

God, please help us to understand see what we are in you and what the death of your Son, Jesus Christ means to the world. 

Love Diana,

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