Be Merciful

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We are three months into 2022, wow. In a short time, a lot of things have happened in our community. Some are planning their wedding while others are preparing to welcome a baby. Whichever stage you are in the waiting line, everyone is hoping for one thing or the other.

While waiting, preparing and practising remembers to have Mercy with you. Mercy brings compassion and also opens a lot of doors for people.

When God has mercy upon someone they are renewed and grace and favour goes with them anywhere they go.

But out of all this, it is important for us to also be merciful to others. To help the poor and the widows. To remember those who are least fortunate. Especially to see everyone as equal in the eyes of God – despite race, religion and gender.

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It is easy to think that we are all kind people until we realise that we are prejudiced and subconsciously make certain people inferior for no reason at all.

As we focus on Mercy in this month of March, I pray that we will evaluate our true thoughts and feelings towards others, and repent of every false assumption about them through the grace of God.

You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate.

Luke 6:36 NLT

God bless you

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