As I look back on my life, I am grateful for everyone that has helped me thus far. I am a product of many people’s advice and guidance and I do not esteem these things lightly. However, I am specially grateful for someone who has stood out since I was little till now – my dad, Mr. Chimezie Isaac.

Childhood was always fun at home. Growing up with my 2 lovely sisters and parents, dad always made out time for us. Although, he travelled a lot, I can’t remember a time he missed out on important things in our lives. He sought to make everything special, no matter how little it seemed. From our early days, he involved us in decision-making in the house. He ensured that everyone felt involved and was not scared to air out his/her opinions.

I have seen how he takes care of Mom, from helping her out with chores and cooking and gardening her precious vegetables – ugu (pumpkin leaves) and nchanwu (scent leaves). They are best of friends and I have many fond memories of and with both of them. He has never hit my mom and when I was mean to any of my sisters, he’d ask me, “Is that how you’ll treat your wife?” He ensured I learnt to take care of my sisters and mom while growing up. Whether it was intentional or not, I know not but I guess it paid off.

Many times, a scent, a word, a song takes me back to one memory or the other that I share(d) with dad and I smile and thank God for such opportunity. I know many times, I did not understand why he did or did not do some things. As I advance in age, I think I get a hang of it sometimes.

His words still ring in my head, I remember when he told me, “life is like a colour wheel, it could be your grey colour today and tomorrow it would be your yellow or sky blue colour” or when he’d quote what I assume is his favourite scripture, “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life” (Prov. 4:23), it seemed far-fetched to me now, but that Scripture has been part of what has kept me through my life as I got understanding.

Now I am married to an amazing woman. Many times, I am grateful for the example I saw in my dad in being a great husband to his wife aka my mom and I hope to be better. I know many times, people get their flowers when they are dead but I figured dad gets his garden (not flowers), now that he’s alive.

Love you always, Dad.

(c) Chukwudi Isaac


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