Hey All,
I’ll begin today’s post with part of the lyrics of the 2008 classic rap and rock song, We Made It by Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall

Welcome to the last month of the 1st half of the year and through thick and thin, WE MADE IT! Through the highs and lows, WE MADE IT and when we had our backs up against the wall, WE MADE IT!
I was wondering what could be jovial with all the crazy stuff happening around us but hey, WE MADE IT… You and I are stepping into June and I know that it may not look like there’s anything to be hopeful about and all but hey, it’ll work out for your good in the long run.

This month, we trust that we would experience a great turnaround that would make make up for all the tears, pain, grief, and hurt we’ve experienced but while we hope and pray to get what we want, we would keep on being jovial, we would be joyful and steady our hearts to be happy. So in June, we would ensure that we maintain the right energy to stay joyful in all situations and not give up. We would love some more, trust some more, hang out some more, pray some more and take care of ourselves some more.

We may not know all our esteemed readers and followers individually, but we know that we would be here with you in June and trust to make your month, jovial such that when you read our poems, they would strike a chord in your heart and produce songs of joy. We hope that when you go through our articles, our faith in God would be strengthened and when you read our short stories, we know that you’ll learn something and we’ll leave you plastered with a smile.

Finally, we know that it isn’t easy to hold on sometimes, but I’ll leave you with part of the lyrics of the song of the veteran Nigerian gospel musician, Panam Percy Paul titled Don’t Give Up to encourage you:
Don’t give up, it’s not over
When you give up, then its over
Hold on to the Lord, and trouble not your heart
Even when you fail, it’s not over

Happy New Month and welcome to the month of JOVIALLLLL JUNE…

Chukwudi Isaac

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