Speak Your Truth

Today this post will focus on helping men be more uninhibited when it comes to speaking up about the truth of their experiences. I hope this post will encourage others to allow the men to feel empowered and offer up a chance for them to tell their story freely and without judgement.

Lending a Helping Hand

Telling those around you how you feel can be a scary experience, especially as a man in the world we live in today. At times we tend to neglect or even ignore our emotional and mental health, by choice, we choose to power through whatever comes our way, which can lead to toxic behaviours or addictions or even a lack of support for others who may be going through a hard time too.

The key contributor to all of this is the fear of rejection. Other factors may include: a lack of empathy from our support circle and the thought of appearing weak in a given situation, ultimately resulting in men running away from the idea of voicing our thoughts and emotions to the world around us, escaping situations early or remaining silent when we ought to be communicative about our experiences.

But there are ways to conquer this issue, one of which is to offer a non-judgemental space for free expression and to lend an open ear to hear a person’s story. Today, be present and available for someone near you and watch how much that space you’ve created changes that person’s life for the better.

© Roderick Lukenge

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