Father’s Love

In life we each all have a guide or a teacher or some type of mentor to help us through awkward times in life, this is when we call on our father’s to help get us out of the ditches we find ourselves in. Whether we know it or not each and every father in the world is an inspiration and a joy to the one’s around him, they help alongside our mothers shape this world and mould it into the way we see it today. 

God is our eternal mother and father (Psalm 68:5) who we can turn to whenever we can’t get a hold of our biological parents or if we just can’t sit down and express, vocalise or get the attention of those around us and have to turn to God, who is always present to hear us out.

Today let your father know of your love and appreciation for everything that he has done in guiding, protecting and teaching you throughout your life, and above all speak to God today and express with thanksgiving and love for all He has done in your life as well.

God bless all the fathers out there.

Happy Father’s Day! 🐼💖

© Roderick Lukenge


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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